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Attract more private patients.
Take the guess-work out of your new patient marketing.

Dr Aakash Mavani

We got 18 Invisalign cases in just over two months - which is a great result! Well over £35,000 in treatment revenue and a targeted list to follow-up with.

Dr Shadi Eddin

We've now had 68 new facial aesthetics patients through our Facebook campaign. This is the single biggest source of new patients for us... and it's only been a few months!
Consistent flow of patients
Word of mouth and referrals are great, but relying on them for growth is slow and unpredictable.

Get a consistent flow of new patients so you can focus on growth instead of overheads.
Measurable & effective marketing
Take the guess-work out of marketing – our campaigns have generated over 7-figures in treatment revenue.

You’ll know the exact cost per enquiry, per consultation and per treated patient.
Industry insiders
Maximising your ROI means knowing what it takes to get a patient into the clinic.

We only work with healthcare businesses so we understand your patients inside-out.
Transparency & honesty
Perhaps past marketing initiatives haven’t worked, you’ve been burnt or even outright misled.

We build relationships on trust and transparency, leaving you in full control.
Referrals and word of mouth just not enough? Get in touch.
About Ignite
Ignite is a healthcare growth agency that specialises in attracting high-value patients.

Whether you’re an orthodontist, plastic surgeon, facial aesthetician or implant dentist, we know how to get you patients.

We work with practices that are tired of waiting for referrals or word of mouth to grow their practice.

Practices that are tired of getting burnt and ready to invest in real growth, without compromising on care, value or price.

Does that sound like you? Book a call.
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