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Keep your practice going with video consultations
COVID-19 is creating uncertainty for us all.

Dental practices have high overheads so empty diaries or closures could be very damaging - for squats and established practices alike.

At Ignite Growth, my team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our principals and associates can continue to offer consultations for private treatments - by introducing online video consultations.

This means that, even if we’re faced with school closures or restrictions on our movement, practices can minimise the impact of empty chair time by continuing to build a pipeline of high-value cases.

Whilst short-term impacts of COVID-19 are perhaps inevitable… contingencies like video consultations can help smoothen the journey and minimise impacts longer term.

I am sharing exactly what we are doing so we can help minimise the impact on everyone during this uncertain time.

To that effect, I have prepared a free 25-minute training video to show you how to implement this for your practice.

Here's what I will cover:
 How to setup an online “video” diary for all your clinicians quickly
 How your clinicians can manage the diary without remote access or support from the reception team
 How to accept online bookings for all your clinicians without relying on your practice management software
 How to implement online booking for video consultations on your website, marketing campaigns and day-to-day workflow
 How to use video to triage emergency patients to minimise practice visits
 How continue offering consultations for other treatments even if staff are at home or the practice is closed
I hope this video is helpful for you - please do share it so we can all help the profession through this!
If you have any questions, do leave a comment below the video and my team and I will get back to you as quickly as we can.
Derek Uittenbroek
Ignite Growth
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